About Stride Leggings

Stride Leggings was born when I was training for an all women’s adventure race in New Zealand called Spring Challenge. During training, I was hiking, running, kayaking and biking in some pretty extreme conditions every day. I lived in leggings, but they didn’t all live up to rough, cold and wet outdoor conditions. I was spending hours, sometimes days, in my leggings so they had to perform! That’s why I created Stride Leggings. For limit pushers like us. Because we need leggings that do more than just look good.

  • We need durable, quick-drying leggings that keep us warm and dry in quickly changing conditions.
  • We need outstanding fit and stretch so we can explore with total freedom.
  • We need high quality, buttery soft fabric so we have comfort, even in the most uncomfortable conditions.
  • We need gorgeous patterns, sleek mesh detail and lifting compression. Because we don’t just push limits. We do it in style.

The Stride Mission

To enhance your adventures with stylish, high-quality leggings that stand up to the demands of unstoppable women.

Stride Leggings About
Maegan McIsaac
Stride Leggings Founder & Owner